Trisha Bergin-Lytton, M.Ed.
Mediator, IEP Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant




Since 1974, Trisha Bergin-Lytton has implemented conflict management skills in public school systems, an adolescent residential treatment center, a community college, community and government agencies, and private corporations as an instructor, administrator, consultant, mediator, facilitator and trainer. Trisha completed her 40-hour basic mediation training in October of 1993 in Houston, Texas. 

In 1990, Trisha began her own independent contract business in the Houston, Texas area and remains as the sole-proprietor.  She moved her business headquarters to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area in 1997.  Trisha continues to specialize in providing alternative dispute resolution services through mediations, facilitations of IEP Meetings, trainings and consultations in response to the challenges of serving  the needs of students with various exceptionalities.  She also provides alternative dispute resolution services to government agencies and private organizations.

Trisha believes in evaluating each client's needs to determine the best service option possible to address the given request and gain the most successful outcome for all involved persons.  She relies heavily on feedback from her clients to constantly improve the delivery of her services, thus utilizes evaluation forms with clients.

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Through 2016,  Trisha has performed over 670 alternative dispute resolution (ADR) type meetings

Of these 670 plus cases, over 465 special education issues were resolved through mediation or facilitating IEP Meetings with a 95% resolution rate.

An additional 200 mediations involving employment, workplace, community and family issues were resolved.

Trisha's overall resolution rate is 91%.