Trisha Bergin-Lytton, M.Ed.
Mediator, IEP Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant




Trisha firmly believes that the inclusion of the student's school  team members in the planning and implementation of all the necessary tasks to complete the FBA and BIP process provides each member with an opportunity to engage in hands-on practice with guidance and support and thus experience a level of success. Therefore, each member builds capacity to accomplish the required tasks on similar cases in the future.  All work is  completed in a collaborative and inclusive model between the consultant, the team, the family and any private behavioral or mental health professionals working with the student.  The following is a list of the required tasks to be completed by the team with the consultant's guidance and support: 

  • Interview staff that interact with the student
  • Interview the family of the student

  • Review the studentís records

  • Observe the student, minimum 3 hours

  • Identify FBA Team members

  • Select an appropriate FBA Team Leader

  • Develop and implement a system to collect formal data through student observations

  • Analyze observation data collected to identify the studentís behavior (s) of concern

  • Craft a hypothesis, test via interventions

  • Examine the effectiveness of the interventions

  • Summarize findings into the FBA report

  • Develop a Behavior Intervention Plan

  • Determine desirable replacement behaviors

  • Generate a system of rewards & consequences

  • Establish a classroom support system to implement the BIP

  • Produce a contingency plan for discipline options

  • Develop a crisis plan

  • Craft behavioral goals and objectives

  • Create a BIP monitoring and evaluation system

Consultant Only:

  • Participate in the IEP Meeting, assist the IEP Team review the FBA and finalize an appropriate BIP to meet the needs of the student

  • Train staff how to implement the BIP

  • Evaluate the implementation of the BIP

  • Consult and Train in the future, as needed