Trisha Bergin-Lytton, M.Ed.
Mediator, IEP Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant




The mediation process allows two conflicting parties to resolve their own dispute.  A neutral third party, the mediator, facilitates communication by assisting the parties through a problem-solving process.  

The goal of mediation is for the parties involved in the dispute to voluntarily resolve their own conflict by communicating directly with each other and reaching a mutually acceptable settlement of issues in disagreement.  It can also serve to preserve or strengthen relationships of trust and respect between the involved parties.

Mediation Benefits:

      Structured process
      Allows for direct communication
      Common goal
      Personalized resolution
      Binding agreement
      Third party assistance
      Neutral meeting environment
      Cost effective
      Productive future work together

Mediators are advocates for a fair process and not for a particular settlement.