Trisha Bergin-Lytton, M.Ed.
Mediator, IEP Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant



One-Day Training:  IEP/IFSP Facilitation Process

New Mexico Public Education Department, Special Education Bureau
9 Participants (Mediators and IEP Facilitators)

December 2013


   100% of the participants agreed that after attending this presentation, their overall understanding of this IEP/IFSP Facilitation model was significantly improved.
   100% of the participants agreed that the content of the materials provided during this training was extremely practical and helpful.
   100% of the participants agreed that after attending this presentation if called upon to facilitate an IEP/IFSP meeting their knowledge and skill level had been enhanced to accomplish the task.

What the participants shared that was useful about the training:

    Excellent training.
    Great use of PPT as a guide then adding small group activities and discussions.
    Discussions with fellow facilitators during small group activities throughout the entire day's
 presentation kept the participants very engaged
    The "what if case scenarios" allowed us to apply the concepts & practice challenging situations.
    Focus on prep work can be extremely powerful during the IEP meeting.
    Task & Technique Checklist to guide and monitor the entire IEP/IFSP process.
    The proposal and counter proposal process .
    What the Facilitator Is & Is Not document provided great guidance on facilitator's responsibilities.
    Skills the facilitator must possess to be successful in promoting collaboration.
    Techniques and strategies for working effectively with an IEP Team.
    Never underestimate the time required to finihs an IEP meeting...start in the morning.
    Use of an agree to participate form before any communications begin.
    Inquire if there are any review of evaluations to estimate the length of the IEP meeting.
    Process of an IEP meeting with all the various components that must be addressed.
    Understanding the Prior Written Notice of Actions required elements, very useful worksheet.
    A training that was well worth attending, super relevant information!
    Appreciated all of Trisha's Tips that revealed mistakes not to make.
    Succinct, short bits of information that were all on target!
    The excellent idea of implementing the consensus-as-you-go technique.
    Strategies to handle non-IEP issues.
    The importance of preparations.