Trisha Bergin-Lytton, M.Ed.
Mediator, IEP Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant



One-Day Training: Dispute Resolution Skills Enhancement for Special

Education Mediation and IEP Facilitation
Ohio Department of Education, Office of Exceptional Children
21 Participants (Due Process Complaint Mediators and IEP Facilitators)

August 2011


   100% strongly agreed that the training was well organized.
   100% strongly agreed that the trainer was helpful and knowledgeable.
   100% rated this presentation either excellent or very good compared to other trainings they
    have attended on similar topics.
   95% strongly agreed or agreed that the content of the training was informative and appropriate.
   100% were very satisfied or satisfied with the training materials provided.
   95% were very satisfied or satisfied with the presenter, Trisha.

What the participants liked most about the training:

    Trisha's style of presenting information and her willingness to share.
    Trisha's level of experience.
    Trisha was very engaging.
    Trisha's high level of energy.
    Trisha was extremely well organized.
    Materials were presented & assembled in a very organized coherent fashion with the power
    point slides included in the packet.
    Keeping the group on task and on time throughout the day.
    Small group activities throughout the entire day's presentation.
    Realistic activities that kept the participants on task and engaged the entire day.
    Rather than mostly lecture, presentation format incorporated numerous short interactive
    small group activities that were then discussed as a large group.
    Excellent content of materials.
    Review of basic information put in a concise format.
    So many informative handouts distributed for future reference.
    Discussion of practical strategies to use in challenging situations.
    Practical application of all the material presented.
    Discussion around the importance of consensus during Facilitated IEP Meetings.
    Handout chart along with discussion of similarities and differences between mediation and
    IEP facilitation.
    Method of presenting the material in an easily understood format.
    Fortune cookie activity was very clever and fun.
    "What if" scenarios activity in small groups with related discussions.
    Learning from colleagues during all the small group activities & large group discussions.
    Participants ability to interchange between other fellow mediators during activities.