Trisha Bergin-Lytton, M.Ed.
Mediator, IEP Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant



Two-Day Training:  IEP/IFSP Facilitation Process with the Facilitator as the

                                 Guardian of Team Collaboration with Chairperson Support

Pennsylvania Department of Education, Office for Dispute Resolution
25 Participants (Mediators and IEP Facilitators)

June 2015


   98% of the participants agreed that after attending this presentation, their overall understanding of this IEP/IFSP Facilitation model was improved.
   100% of the participants agreed that the content of the materials provided during this training was practical and helpful.
   92% of the participants agreed that after attending this presentation if called upon to facilitate an IEP/IFSP meeting their knowledge and skill level had been enhanced to accomplish the task.

What the participants shared that was useful about the training:

    Trisha's demeanor: open, honest and willing to share her expertise.
    All written materials are a very helpful reference: well organized, practical, clear, comprehensive.
    Small group activities throughout the entire day's presentation kept the participants engaged.
    The "what if case scenarios" and "you be the judge" activities were very useful and allowed us to
 apply the concepts we discussed from the previous day.
    Enjoyed all of the large group discussions after quick small group activities shared their
 responses which allowed for numerous exchanges of ideas and feedback between
    Appreciated the Best Practices Checklist to guide and monitor the entire IEP/IFSP process.
    The potential value and power of preparation activities before the IEP/IFSP meeting is convened.
    Valuable chart and discussion about the differences between mediation and IEP/IFSP facilitation.
    As a facilitator, remain focused on the process as the "guardian of team collaboration" and allow
 the participants to be the experts of the content.
    Defining the facilitator's role with responsibilities.
    Consensus and consensus building is critical for IEP participants to understand then maintain.
    The value of asking questions to solicit options instead of sharing facilitator ideas with the team.
    Specific techniques for managing challenges of the facilitation process.
    Explanation of the IEP/IFSP process from start to finish was extremely informative and practical.
    Requirements of the Prior Written Notice of Actions was a good refresher, very useful worksheet.
    An excellent presentation that truly pulled everything together for me.
    I feel more confident with a new understanding of my role as the IEP/IFSP Facilitator.
    Great training, I learned a lot about process, content and techniques!
    The training helped bring concepts, protocols and skill together.
    Facilitation styles and procedures were eye opening.
    Importance of parents having access to all drafts and allowed to review all documents before the
 IEP/IFSP meeting in order to be equal team members.
    Lots of brand new ideas for our facilitation model!